Eytan Bakshy

I'm a senior scientist on the Facebook Core Data Science Team, where I lead the Adaptive Experimentation group. I am particularly interested developing scalable and robust methods for causal inference and reinforcement learning that help people design and optimize better systems. I am also interested in substantive questions around the role of peer effects in online and offline behaviors, including civic engagement.

Selected publications

Here are a few of my recent publications. For a complete list of published papers, see my Google Scholar page and (slightly out of date) CV.

Field experiments

Observational studies

Methodology and experimentation

Workshop papers

Working papers


I am also the creator of PlanOut. It's an open-source framework for designing and implementing complex behavioral science experiments. I find PlanOut to be helpful for thinking about and planning experiments, and hope that people can use it to run interesting experiments. Visit the PlanOut homepage and give it a try. For more on designing and deploying online field experiments with PlanOut, check out our paper on the subject.


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